100 Things

I was jealous of someone pulling out 100 facts about themselves so here is my attempt.  For those that have been with me for a bit, some might be old news.  But there are 100 of them.  And it took me a week to fill it out.  I’ll probably never do it again.

100 Things.

1. Lists make me nervous.  I start a 100 list and I’m already worried about unknown #47.

2. I get just as mad when I see a car cut someone else off as I do when I get cut off.

3. I freak out if I accidentally run over road kill.  Like I can feel it in the tires.

4. I hate being the first to a restaurant when meeting friends.  Most times, I usually hang out in the car until someone else gets there.

5. I doodle way too much.

6. I care way too much what others think.

7. Sometimes my attention span is that of a 4 year old.

8. I think if they didn’t play uplifting music as the bus drives away, I could handle Extreme Home Makeover with a bit more dignity.

9. My first alcoholic experience consisted of two friends, camping and a BB gun.  From less than a foot away, I was shot in the ass.

10. I am the worst picture taker.  Something weird always happens to my face.

11. I love spaghetti.  Every day.

12. Socks in bed is strictly prohibited.  No matter what.

13. I love road trips.  Based on the soundtrack, that is.

14. I love painting for other people.  For me, not so much.

15. I’m realizing this list will take me…days.

16. I love eating a meal and having over half of my coke left.  It’s like dessert.

17. I will always be a dog person.

18. I will never like cats.  Ever.  I will put UP with them… maybe.

19. I have had ankle pain for over a month that makes me limp around and I won’t go to the doctor because I just recently had to be at the doctor and I don’t want to pay another 30 dollar co-pay so soon.

20. I rarely get nose bleeds but when I do, it means strep throat is coming.

21. I can’t stand “I’ve Gotta Feeling”… especially when I’m in the car yelling out “tonight’s the night!”

22. You rub my back, I’ll do whatever you want.

23. I think I was 5 or 6 when the top of a stone bird bath fell and split open my pinkie finger.  It took 6 doctors to hold me for stitches.

24. I haven’t found a place on a girl where a piercing is gross.  Weird?

25. My 7th grade school picture was me in a flat top with a popped paisley collar and sweater.  Also with a Lloyd Christmas front tooth on account of an accident the previous year where a desk fell on my face.  (Tooth has been fixed by the way… ladies?)

26. Most times, I feel like I’m in a race while driving.

27. I feel MTV is dumbing down America’s youth.  One stereotype at a time.

28. I still miss “Cheers”.

29. I sometimes put my hand across my chest when a police car goes by…to imitate that I have my seat belt on…instead of just putting the damn thing on.

30. I can’t stand seeing old people eat out alone.

31. It doesn’t matter how many animal crackers are in the bowl, I want to eat them all.

32. I love windows down.

33. I love pickle flavored things.  I hate pickles.

34. For some reason, if I don’t get to see the movie previews… I get upset.

35. I’m scared of getting a dog because I don’t know if I can handle him dying.  At all.

36. I was so unprepared for college, I thought the adviser I was set up with would already have my schedule planned.  I didn’t know that I had to pick everything.

37. I’m scared of raising a girl.

38. I let a job dictate how many tattoos I get.

39. I’ve always wanted corrective devices. (glasses, braces…)

40. I don’t feel I’ve pushed any envelopes.

41. I drive fast when I’m alone, like Gramps when I have passengers.

42. I miss my best friend.

43. I once baked chicken and rice with the plastic top laying on top of the dish.  45 minutes later, it looked like a piece of blue Velveeta had been draped across the top.

44. I spend a lot of time thinking about how things should be.

45. The Taco Bell Double Decker taco is sublime at 2 in the morning.

46. I have a shirt I wear when I need to feel confident.

47. I hate when something as trivial as time, split friends apart.

48. Fall is the best season.

49. I want to be in the middle of the crazy fans for a Manchester United v Chelsea match.

50. I’m really good at Quarters.

51. I have always felt younger than my actual age.

52. I’m in a love hate relationship with patience.

53. I can’t stand artists that are engineered by publicity instead of talent.  i.e. Lady Gaga.

54. I always break watches.  I also always tell myself that this one, this time, I won’t break.  Until I break it.

55. I follow my heart which has been broken numerous times.  Yet I still follow.

56. Compliments weird me out.

57. I wish I could be a tattoo artist.

58. I like to argue.

59. I’m left-handed.

60. I think farts are hilarious.

61. I’m under the delusion that girls don’t fart.  Or poop.  Never poop.

62. My iTunes list may scare you.

63. I believe that if every working American and EVERY company were taxed and even 3% of their gross income…we would have more money than we would know what to do with.

64. I think Kelly Clarkson is cute.  Yep.

65. For a semester in college I would eat a bagel in the morning and during the commute, I would listen to a station that would have a local sportscaster on.  Still to this day when I hear him speak, I taste bagels and cream cheese.

66. Guess what?  Tiger’s lack of character has no effect on how I live my own life or how he plays golf.  Stop idolizing humans.

67. I close my bedroom door when I sleep.  Using the bathroom, not so much.

68. I once saw a movie with my girlfriends dad (who happened to be my church pastor at the time)…and here comes the surprise sex scene…. Eyes forward young man….

69. Paper cuts scare the crap out of me.  It’s the sound I think.

70. I’m not as witty as I’d like to think I am.

71. I was 9 years old when I asked my mom why we weren’t cool and black.

72. Fine, I’ll say it.  Yes, I want an iPad.

73. Words with Friends is like heroin.  Jerrodkc.  Hit me.

74. I can’t stand being asked if I want the rest of your sandwich.  All I see are your chew marks.

75. I don’t possibly have 25 more of these.  It’s been 4 days.

76. I don’t use LOL… or ROFL… or LMAO… or any kind of virtual laughter.  I’m also convinced that when people used these terms… they more than likely aren’t actually laughing.  Liars.

77. I still have gift cards from Christmas but won’t spend them because then I won’t have the feeling of having free money on me.

78. When introducing myself in a meeting, I have several mini anxiety attacks in the span of about 20 seconds.  It’s a blast.

79. Speaking of anxiety, when I experience it… I rub my face.

80. In crowds, I need to see a path to space.  If that path gets closed off, I get… iffy.

81. I consider getting a plate of sweet and sour chicken with rice as eating Chinese food.

82. I sniff when I can’t think of what to say.

83. I have a difficult time saying no to favors needed.

84. I will always remember how crappy I felt when in the 7th grade, I watched a bully pick in a mentally challenged kid.  I just sat there.

85. In the college library I was mistaken for an old friend of this girl.  She came up to me and we had a good 15 minute talk.  I knew what was going on, she didn’t.  I changed this guys major, who he was dating, etc.  I’ve always wondered what their next conversation was like.

86. I set my alarm about an hour and a half before work because for me, waking up and knowing you still have an hour to sleep is bliss.

87. I was an extremely shy kid that developed a studder.  I took speech classes from kindergarten through 4th grade.  It’s 99% fixed but when I do trip over words now and friends laugh, I still feel like that kid in kindergarten being laughed at.

88. I’ve always said I would probably never move to a different city just because it would take me out of my comfort zone.  That really bugs me.

89. I’ve always wanted to be someone that reads tons of books.  Someone that has a whole wall length bookcase of books.  See #7.

90. I hate being the nice guy.  I really do.

91. I love hearing the national anthem.  It always grabs my attention.

92. I’m jealous of those close with their grandparents.  I never was.

93. I can never go along with a prank.  I always laugh first.

94. In my recent blogging hiatus, I’ve missed out on a lot of my favorite blogs and almost feel like I’ve disregarded them.  I haven’t.

95. I don’t care if the smoke monster or Jacob is evil.  I just want to find out so I can’t get on with my life.

96. Some things not working out that seemed to be perfect, seemed to fit and seemed to be just in time… I’ll never understand.

97. I really want to be a regular post kind of blogger… but I know myself and my head.  It sucks.

98. I wish I could marry Pam Beesley.

99. I have a bunch of spirals at work.  No order to them just randomness throughout.  The thing is that I never finish one cover to cover.

100.  I can’t believe I went a whole 100 list without mentioning how great a show Gilmore Girls was.  I  mean… ummmm….or….. (Sigh.)