Baby it’s cold outside. And inside.

It’s no secret that I’m broke and on a half arsed debt diet. It’s half arsed because the arse that I’m married to isn’t really on board. My latest money saving measure has been turning the thermostat down. It’s getting pretty frigid here in KY and I’ve had the heat on since September. We used to keep the thermostat set at 72.

(Or 75 if my sheets felt super cold and the flannel ones were dirty and The TO was sleeping on the couch as usual.)

So I decided to crank it down to a cooler 68 degrees. I figured the kids can wear warmer pjs. We’ll throw some more blankets on the bed and save a couple of dollars a month and be kinder to the environment. No one will suffer too much. WRONG.

The first day of my new plan The To came home from work at the crack of 8 pm. He trotted to the bedroom to change his clothes and returned wearing shorts and a short sleeved tshirt. It was 31 degrees outside and threatening to snow. I advised him of the new plan and suggested that he put some damn pants on. The TO was not happy. He insisted that 68 degrees is too cold to keep the house and that he should be able to wear summer clothes year round.

I countered, “Buy a Snuggie or move to FL because this is how it’s going to be.” “Nobody lives this way! You’re being unreasonable!” he persisted. My response? “JUST SO YOU KNOW I’M TOTALLY BLOGGING ABOUT THIS!”


I think he was just mad because the leather sofa (aka his bed) feels like a slab of ice right now and his buns are too frozen to comfortably snooze there till 5 am. And frankly, I don’t care. What temperature do you keep the house in the winter? Do you think I’m being unreasonable? (If I know you IRL say NO.)