Big Girl Problems

As children get older, the day to day of raising them gets much easier. They feed themselves, bathe themselves, and get themselves dressed. At some point, they can even stay home by themselves. But their life problems? Get much, much, bigger.

Miss M is in the seventh grade and has a bulimic friend. She also says almost all of her friends are on diets. Diets. In the SEVENTH FREAKING GRADE. I don’t want to go to much into these stories, because of privacy and all, but seriously? This scares the bejesus out of me.

Now, I’m sure when I was in the seventh grade I knew what a diet was. My mom was on one every other week. Including one where she ate a lot of hamburger patties and cottage cheese. But *I* was never on a diet.

Is it any wonder that girls are starving themselves, and throwing up when you can’t even look at sites like Pinterest without seeing this quote at least once a day?

Thanks Kate Moss.

Maybe there were girls who were on diets when I was that young, but I sure don’t remember it. Here’s what I do remember though. My mom cooked dinner every night. Not diet food. Healthy food. Well balanced meals. We ate out maybe once a week. We had a snack after school, not necessarily healthy, but nothing in excess. And no soda, really ever, at home. That was for restaurants only. On the weekends, we were outside. Sure as I got older, we played video games, and things like that. But I met my neighborhood friends and we walked to the arcade to play. Our activity on the weekends was roller skating. That was the big thing to do on Saturday night. We were constantly in motion. So, it didn’t really matter that I would go to Dairy Queen and order a large order of fries and a huge Dr. Pepper. Or that every morning in high school my breakfast was a Snickers bar and a soda. Because I was physically active. Everyone was.

Now, M already doesn’t have to take P.E. next year because you only have to have two credits of P.E. in Jr. High. Ridiculous. In preparation, I’ve starting making small changes at home. Sodas only on the weekends and I stopped buying the high calorie fruit juices. No sweets after school. We’ve also been walking some at night. I hope to continue this, until the temperature becomes so sweltering in Texas that we can’t take it anymore. But it makes me wonder, is this enough?

And when Miss M comes to me and tells me her clothes are tight, or I happen to notice it, what do I say? What IS the right thing to say, so that she’s not the one on the “diet” or throwing up in the bathroom between classes. Such a delicate balance.

I’m not ready for these big girl problems. But yet, they are here. In full freaking force.

Let’s hope I handle them the right way. Honestly, I think I’d rather go back to giving my girls a bath every night.

And I’d rather open my computer and see more of this.