Can Home Schooled Kids Get Into College?

As more and more families choose the option of homeschooling their children these days, there has been an ever-increasing acceptance of this choice. As such, the way in which parents homeschool their children has become much easier when complying with individual states’ requirements to teach children at home, thanks to a curriculum that has those requirements in mind. With that issue resolved, the one burning question remaining has become: can my homeschooled child get into college?

First, it needs to be emphasized that the environment in which homeschooled children are in is often a benefit to their mental well-being. The one on one attention children get within the homeschooled environment can be of a great benefit when it comes to helping the individual. Each child has a much better chance of understanding school subjects when they don’t have to ‘share’ their teacher with 20 or more other students.

In addition, there are only so many hours in a school day and, within the homeschool environment, the children see those hours optimized for learning. If a particular subject is becoming a struggle, more time can be spent working through the problem. Within the public schools, all classes are timed and there is often no time to pursue problems to such an extent.

When educating your child at home, you can ‘step away’ from the subject if necessary and take your time to regroup with fresh eyes. Flexibility within a homeschool setting allows each child the best environment to learn in and be prepared for college when the time comes.

When considering this question, keep in mind several things: statistics have shown that homeschooled children score very well on standardized tests such as the SAT and the ACT. Also, when looking towards going on to college, there are options available to ensure children that have been educated at home can take to determine whether they meet the colleges’ entrance level.

If the homeschooled child has experienced the benefit of flexibility, one on one attention and the time needed to learn their lessons properly and fully within the home environment, they should have no problem getting into the college of their choice.

Parents of homeschooled children need to consider the possibility that their children will want to further their education in a college and plan accordingly. As such, it will do both child and parent well to discuss what their homeschooled children may be interested in pursuing and shape their education to prepare them for college when they become of age.

Homeschooled children have an advantage of targeting what they will be doing in college long before they are old enough to attend college. This also maximizes time spent in college because the homeschooled child will know what they want to study and won’t be wasting their time changing their major so many times after starting college. Learn here how to become a successful entrepreneur.

One final thought: just because children go to a public or a private school, it is no guarantee they will even make it into college. All students desirous to go on to college must qualify before gaining entrance. Most colleges have entrance exams that all future college students must pass in order to be accepted. Just because they received a ‘traditional’ education does not give them an advantage for college entrance over homeschooled children.

Through careful planning and plotting a course for your homeschooled children, you will go a long way ensuring entrance into the college of their choice. A student who has been given the confidence needed to gain entrance into college because they were taught to know their subjects has an excellent chance of going on to college, regardless of what type education they received up to this point.

This being the case, a parent who is willing to keep this in mind while their homeschooled children are young will also guarantee that, when the time comes, their children will be able to get into the college of their choice.