Car seat

We’re going to have to upsize the car seat soon. Which sucks, because I’m still not over the trauma of installing the first one.

We put the car seat bases in the vehicles at about Week 34. Not because we thought we would need them in the next few days, just because we were out of decent storage space in the house for 2 bases, a car seat and a stroller. Might as well put them in the vehicles, we figured.

Mother scratching LATCH system ’bout damn near killed me. I wrestled with the sumbitch for a LONG time. Finally, breaking a sweat, bruising my fingers and yelling the Lords name in vain loud enough I’m sure the entire neighborhood heard me (but Scout missed b/c he was vacuuming inside the house) I got the thing in there and secure as secure can be.

I came back inside, made Scout kiss my thumbs and index fingers that were red and annoyed at me from the abuse I put them through, and informed him that if he ever took that base out of my car for any reason other than needing to replace the car seat or the car itself, that I would divorce him and take all his beer.

We now live around the corner from a fire house, when we upsize to the new seat … I think I’m heading over there with big boobs and a helpless demeanor ….