Chaos Be Gone!

Most of my life I have thrived on chaos. I can usually remember more when my brain is at it’s fullest. But it’s no secret. I am getting old (er). It’s a LOT harder to remember where I have to be when. And not surprisingly, since I have two other humans I am responsible for getting from Point A to Point B.

Very reluctantly, I am trying to become organized. I finally gave in a bought a dry erase calendar.

We’re all color coded and stuff. It’s not very full right now, but (hopefully) M’s schedule will change and she will be in athletics. She may be on a team of some sort. She will definitely have concerts, practices, etc, etc. V is sitting out soccer this fall (since Texas is currently the temperature of the sun), but she wants to do gymnastics, then basketball, then soccer again. And she plans on joining choir. The calendar WILL begin to fill. And did you notice my nifty meal plan sheet on the bottom? Meal planning really makes life easier. Who knew?

Next, I got myself a binder. To keep up with my stuff. Because I’ve kind of been keeping a tiny secret. It’s not really a secret, but just something I haven’t talked about. I’m going back to school! I plan to talk more about this later, but I’m hoping this binder will help me keep up with myself. My classes are online, but it still helps me to write stuff down. And plan my blogs. And my housework. And what I have to do. I’m using this binder as sort of a raft. To keep from drowning.

I found this awesome printable on Pinterest, of course. I know, I know, I need to drink more water today.

Next up; kids. Normally, I just shove all these forms into this paper holder that sits in my kitchen. Then every time I need something I have to sort through every single paper. Not this year though. This year, I took one of the 978869809 binders we have laying around our house and put it to use.

I put the district calendar in the front. BTW, did you notice we don’t have spring break until April? What kind of bullshit is that? Redonk.

Then, on the inside, I put the handbooks in the front pocket and separated the kids school rules, schedules, classroom policies and PTO stuff in these page protectors.

Notice the cell phone policy displayed right in the front? No way we are going through THAT again.

So that’s it. The steps I’m taking to simplify our lives. And to make sure no one gets left at a football game. And stuff.