Dear Fat Suit,

Man I’ve loved spending time with you the last few months.

I feel all safe and cozy wrapped in your cushion. You protect me from the world, insulated and separate.

You make no demands on me, all you request is that I have another piece of chocolate … one more chip … one more spoon of whatever that is with butter and salt.

We’re such a good team, you and I. I love giving you what you want.

I’ve needed you, I’ve needed your warmth and your familiarity in this time when I’m finding my way.


There’s always a “but” and not just our big butt.

It’s a new year, and I need to ask for your help.

My spirit inside your form is asking for something. Pushing for change. Demanding me to dream and to drag you along with me.

Beloved Fat Suit, my spirit tells me we need to change. It tells me we are the caterpillar – fuzzy and cute and content to sit and eat our food all day long. 8-caterpillar

It tells me that we need to create our cocoon – our safe haven – and become a butterfly.

Change won’t be easy, we’re not accustomed to actual WORK. Perseverance we understand.

So slow and steady and sure – we can do this.

Together we can take what we have created and transform into a Suit of Strength.