Dude, Where’s The Kegger?

I get overwhelmed easily. And when I say easily, I mean if I have more than about three things going on at once, I’m likely to just shut down and do none of them.

It’s why we have the policy of, “one activity at a time.” Not because the kids can’t handle multiple activities, but because The Mama can’t. Because I get all freaked out and shit. And let me tell you, a freaked out Leah does not benefit anyone.

That being said, I did know what I was in for when I decided to go back to school. I knew it would be work. Duh. I’ve done it before. I know what studying is. Kind of. No really, I do.

But when I opened up my assignments for this week and saw that I needed to post three discussions with references, take a quiz and a writing assignment? Not gonna lie, I sorta wigged out a bit. And I do mean wigged out. In the “ohmahgahIcan’tbelieveIthoughtIcouldgobacktoschoolwhatinthefuckwasIthinking” sorta way.

So I made a plan to get my reading out of the way early in the week. I sat down yesterday and decided that I would write at least one discussion post before work. And I started writing. I only needed 150 to 200 words. Which seemed like a lot at the time. But then I looked at my word count. 386. Go me. And then I wrote the second one. Piece. Of. Cake. And then the third. Done. One whole day early.

Am I bragging on myself? Hecks yeah. Will I keep up this pace to keep from looking like a fool later? Most definitely. See? I got the smarts, yo.

But for now, I only have one thing to say.

Dude, where’s the kegger?