Even Over Dinner

I noticed her long before I first spoke to her. That was the easy part. Long beautiful hair. Beautiful smile. And those glasses. Oh those glasses. I always wondered what it would be like to simply say hi to her. To be next to her and smile. I wondered what that would feel like. I knew myself though. I knew what was and was not possible. Talking to her, wasn’t possible. Blame shyness or the fear of rejection. A plethora of ridiculous excuses. I hated that part of me.

So many times I would see her and want to speak. She would leave and I would wonder where she was going. Was she coming back? She always came back, but it didn’t stop myself from asking week after week.

She was always talking, always smiling. I knew that because I would watch her eyes light up as she laughed. It always made me smile. It made me want to make her laugh like that. A smile that is genuine. You can never forget that smile.

She stuck her hand out to me. I took her hand into mine. Such a soft hand accompanied with a slight grin. As I watched her leave yet again, I knew it had all changed. I knew that it was time to face whatever idiotic notion I kept feeding my head and just put myself in front of whatever outcome may follow.

It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it was going to be. Even over dinner. In fact, it was simply amazing.

You see, I noticed her long before I first spoke to her.

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