Excuse me, the cost is what now?

One thing I didn’t really take into consideration when getting a puppy is the expense you will endure for random issues. Sure, you know about getting shots and getting their nails trimmed, etc. That’s all in the ‘already know beforehand’ file. Today was a bit different and I want to share my day regarding the pup. Step by step. Also, there’s a pic at the end. Now you will definitely read on…

1. Dropped puppy off at the vet before work. A simple bath deluxe package that consists of a bath and dry, nails clipped, ears cleaned and anal gland suppressed. (They can NEVER check that and I’d always take their word that they did. I’m not checking it.) All for 30 bucks. No problem.

2. Mentioned that the pup has been shaking her head around and scratching her ears. Asked if the vet could take a look at them, just to be on the safe side.

3. Left the vet with the satisfaction that at the end of the pup’s spa day, she will be trimmed and not smelly.

4. Received a phone call in the afternoon from the vet. Puppy has yeast infections in both ears. Puppy will also need to have drops put in her ears twice a day for the next 14 days and cleaned with special solution every other day.


5. Picked up puppy. Watched my 30 dollar bill magically turn into a 160 dollar bill on account of the medicines and “examination of ears”.

6. Drove home trying to read the bill. Tried to make nice with the pup who I abandoned all day and is now giving me a very cold shoulder.

7. Got home and read the bill one more time. Read directions of meds and began to stress about how I don’t think I can get drops down the ears of your puppy without some resistance.

8. Contemplated if the puppy was a good decision and realize that she was because LOOK AT THAT FACE:

Fine dog, FINE. Take my 160. How about you stay away from my socks? Is that too much to ask?

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