Finally Getting the Point

This blogging thing makes me a better grown up. I learn lessons without someone having to sit down and school me in how I’m wrong – I learn via watching and the light bulb A-HA moment.

I had a light bulb moment about friendship and favors about a year ago.

Back when I started blogging (way back in ought seven) I met Mrs Flinger. She was all cool and together (snort) and awesome. She had a great looking site, lots of experience, and a shiny new job with a web design company.

I thought, “Ooooo, she’s my buddy, I bet she’d cut me a deal on a great looking site for ME!!!!”

I never did ask her about it – probably saw something bright and shin….oooo butterfly …ahem.

Then we were talking about life, and money (the lack of), the money troubles in the Flinger house condo, the pressure of deadlines and people asking for work for free – when she needed paying jobs to keep the family in the black less in the red.

Ugh. A rock sat in my stomach. The light bulb turned on – and the lamp smacked me upside the head. I’d totally missed the point of friendship in looking out for a deal for myself.

I wish I would have always thought, “Ooooo, she’s my buddy, I’d love to support her and pay her to build a great looking site for ME!!!!”

I learned. I got the point. I’m learning to apply that point in my life. I’m learning to support my friends rather than looking for a handout from my friends.

The hardest person to raise is myself. *shakes head*