Finding Focus

I took a shower yesterday and I focused on the fact that I was alone in my house – no Alex looking in and talking to me while spraying water on the floor. It was nice.

I woke this morning and I focused on a bra and clothes and brushing my teeth. [oh what, like YOU don’t normally roll downstairs in a huge sweatshirt and yoga pants and pretend you are sexy?]

Husband wanted pancakes so we went to the International House of Carbohydrates. I would have LOVED to eat a big ole bacon omelette and some biscuits and gravy and pancakes with a bunch of syrup.

Instead I at least tried to eat better – Spinach and Mushroom Omelette – Let’s disregard the Hollandaise shall we? And the Cholesterol. Cuz Dear Diety Holy Shit. But hey look protein!

I got the Harvest Grain and Nut Pancakes thinking they were “better” for me – but oh FAIL. Except that I would have drowned the yummy buttermilk ‘cakes in syrup – so I guess in the end I came out okay.

Here’s the thing. I did the ONE thing I used to ALWAYS do when in a restaurant. I cut my servings in half. Before I even started eating, I cut that omelette and those pancakes down the middle. Bringing my calorie and fat count back down to something more reasonable.

Could I have made EVEN better choices? Well yeah, but screw that – I’m proud of the focus on the improvements of today.

And hey, At least I didn’t go for the Country-fried Steak And Eggs.

For your Saturday entertainment – Jim Gaffigan talking about cake.