First Times

Last night, my friend Erin shared something on Facebook that was pretty awesome. Not only for the fact that the story was awesome, but it also gave me a post idea for the weekly prompt at Studio30 Plus. So…double awesome.

“I let Maxine stay up to watch The Empire Strikes Back in her room. I just heard her yell, “Holy Cwap! Darf Vadar is Luke’s Fadder!” It’s neat that she’s just learning that. Another Star Wars fan.”

Now I totally got Erin’s permission to use miss Max and this story to prompt this post for me. Erin told me that her other kids just have no interest in Star Wars, except for Max. She was on the edge of her bed just engulfed in all things of the Force.

Max is five.

It got me wishing that I could experience that father/son moment again for the first time. It also got me reminiscing on other first time things. Watching the debut of MTV when it was a 6 video rotation it seemed, 24 hours a day. I know that St. Elsewhere was actually in a snowglobe from the imagination of an autistic boy. I remember thinking Jaws was actually IN the movie theater. I remember Jordan’s shot against the Cavs. The one from the free throw line where after he shoots he runs, jumps 10 feet and fist pumps. I ran out into the driveway and jumped…2 feet. I can’t jump like Mike, but I did the fist pump. I remember the old Batman TV show and hiding behind the couch the first time I saw The Joker because he scared the crap out of me. I also remember being in the 6th grade, watching the Space Shuttle Challenger blow up in the sky. I know who shot JR. My favorite show as a kid was The Waltons. Not because of the show, I don’t really remember it. It was my favorite because I knew if it was on, then we were having breakfast for dinner.

There are many first time things I remember as a child. Things like what Max just got to experience and with the intesity she experienced it with. To see The Empire Strikes Back again? For the first time on the edge of my bed? Yeah, I’m with you Max.

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