Five Reasons I Like Being a Single Parent

I had a bad single parent day yesterday.  When you’re a single parent, they happen often.  Miss V is starting to react to all the shit that went down last week and it’s starting to show in her school work.  Not cool.  She is usually super careful about her school work.  Because she’s competitive.  And likes to beat everyone else.  Hey, whatever lands you on the A Honor Roll.  

But I have had to sign three failing grades since she went back to school.  And I mean FAILING.  Yesterday, I just wish I had someone else to back me up on what needed to be done.  Or, for one second I could be the parent that says, “It’s going to be okay.”  Not the one who has to say, “You are grounded from the computer, until I see your report card and then we’ll decide what happens.”  I’m tired of being the bad guy.  All. The. Time.

But, that’s the way my cards were dealt.  And in the spirit of being positive, I challenged myself to find the good in being a single parent.  At first, I was going to to a “Top Ten Reasons”  and then I was all, “Hey you, slow your roll a little.”  Baby steps.

Here we go:

One. I don’t have to ask anyone before I make decisions.  Since my ex is an alcoholic loser not involved at all, I have no one else I have to confer with.  On anything.  Kid wants to go to D.C. with school?  Sure.  Kid wants to date at fourteen.  Hell no.  It’s all me.

Two.  We all like the same things.  Someone out there knew what they were doing when I was given two girls.  Not gonna lie, I was bummed I didn’t have a boy.  But I knew I only wanted two kids.  So, two girls it was.  And now?  Couldn’t be happier.  Even though the three of us are different in lots of ways, we are all basically the same.  We rarely disagree on movies, television, games to play.

Three.  I decide the punishments.  So this is sort of like number one, but this is getting kind of hard, honestly.  But there’s never any, “let’s wait until your dad gets home and we’ll talk.”  When I used to have to do that, I had generally cooled before I actually talked to their father.  I think my punishments are better now.  Because I make them immediately.

Four.  No sports on television.  Now occasionally, I’ll watch sports with the BF.  Because I like him, and don’t mind it. Back when I was married, if the asshole was home, sports were on.  I just read books because it was easier than fighting.  Or  went in the other room with the smaller t.v.  Now?  Big t.v., all mine.  Also, I’ve discovered I don’t really like sports all that much.  I used to fancy myself as one of those girls who could “hang with the boys and watch sports.”  I CAN still do that.  But it turns out, I just really liked the drinking.  I’d much rather watch Vampire Diaries.

One.  No one to get mad at when they aren’t “doing their share”  This is the best reason really.  And honestly, the only one I need.

So that’s it.  Five reasons I like being a single parent.

And even the reasons that I hate?

Still totally worth it.