Friday, Friday….You Know The Drill

We are crazy busy right now. School is starting on Monday (hallelujah!), and OF COURSE we are going out of town this weekend. Of course. Because we couldn’t just sit at home and rest, now could we?

We are headed to Louisiana later today or maybe tomorrow morning, depending on how She and her gang feel when they get to our house. We are gonna go party with She’s crazy family and sing some karoke and do some water sliding. And I get to finally go to Nachitoches! That’s where She grew up and I’ve been wanting to go there forever. Did you know that’s where they filmed Steel Magnolias? I’m hoping I can talk She into driving me around a bit. How bout it, She? Pretty please?

Okay, I’ve already written more than I want to. But I need you guys to do me a favor, okay?

Everyone listening?


I need you to do me a favor.

I need you to hop on over and visit the lovely Mary Ruth and her blog MommaRuthSays. You should mainly go read her because she is awesome. But also? She is featuring ME today.

Can you believe it? Someone actually wanted to ask me questions and hear my answers to them. And then, she actually wanted to publish those answers on her blog. Unbelievable.

It’s worth the read just for the answer to question number three where I tell you how I almost decked a bitch once.

Happy Friday peeps, have a kick ass weekend!