Global Warming Killed My Blog

Well, it may not have killed it, but it definitely stunned it. Or stunted it. Or something.

Right at the end of May, I started an environmental science class. Right when school was ending for the year, right when I started my new job. Right when I had eleventy billion things to do every day. And it was, well, it was hard. I don’t understand science. I don’t understand the environment. I know that I am supposed to recycle, and not use aqua net, and that Texas is roughly the temperature of the sun in the summertime. But how this all happened? No clue. Don’t really want to know. And after the class? I still know nothing. Except that where I live has a lot less pollution than other places. So, that’s good.

But my point is, and I do have one, to be able to keep my place on the DEAN’S LIST (go me), I had to give up something. And that something was my blog (insert sad face). But now, the class is over and I AM BACK.

(collective sigh of relief)

You know you missed me.

I’m still ridic busy, but the current class I’m taking has a much lighter workload. Best instructor ever for that. So I have time for blogging again. And time for spewing my nonsense out into the interwebs.

I’ve got a good Small Town Tuesday working for tomorrow and I actually have ideas for posts every day this week. The wheels are turning y’all. Someone keep the WD – 40 going so I can keep up this momentum. Or take my wine away. Or give me more. I’m not really sure which one helps.

Anyhoo, sorry I’ve been gone so long. (I’m talking to you Tiffany and Cyrie). I’ll back for a least a bit. Until Algebra kills my blog again next month.