Good teachers are like a Treasure so Count Your Blessings if you meet one

I’ve learned that people come into your life for many reasons. God uses people for a specific purpose. Many times that purpose is not revealed for years to come. Reflecting back on my adolescentlaptop years, I realized that God placed an extraordinary woman in my life, my mathematics teacher Mrs. Williams. By sharing her love and wisdom, she has played a part in the woman I’ve become. Sadly, in those days they didn’t have this awesome ratemyprofessor website, because I would have written a super review about her.

I struggled with math. I dreaded the fact that I had to face this truth every single day. I would think to myself, “If only I could be like the other students who were excited to raise their hands and answer the problem. Am I stupid? Will I ever learn how to do this?” I was shy and timid as a child, afraid to draw attention to myself; letting all the kids think that I wasn’t as good as they were.

However, I couldn’t hide from Mrs. Williams. She could see right through me; a little girl who was fearful and struggling inside. The key to her gift of teaching was not technical applications; it was her mastery of patience and encouragement, as well as the wisdom she shared from her life. Refusing to be bound by subjects and methods, Mrs. Williams not only taught mathematics, but she also individually taught the child. I remember times when we would sit for hours in a day perfecting different ways to accomplish one math problem.

You see, Mrs. Williams wasn’t just your ordinary teacher; she was a woman of God living out her purpose doing His will. She believed God’s love could transform the way she approached her work as a teacher, and to leave out this message would waste an incredible opportunity to help many students. I’m sure there were many days she felt impatient. Maybe she even thought to her herself, “How many times have I told you?” And yet she always embraced us with love and kindness. What a wonderful example of who God is.

Let’s think about it. How many times has God corrected us with loving-kindness for us to turn around and make the same mistakes over and over again? Sometimes we even find ourselves willingly on the side of error. What if He treated us in the same regard? Maybe telling you won’t be enough and you’ll have to figure it out for yourself one day, but I thank God that He is nothing like that. His patience is endless and that is how He calls us to be. Although faith sharing is not recommended in public schools, the privilege to demonstrate the fruits of the spirit to students is still available. God requires these attributes from us all.

Mrs. Williams always knew I wanted to become cosmetologist. She would always say to me, “Now, I want to see you one day as an excellent hairstylist.” It meant the world to me to know that not only my mother, but my teacher was also thrilled about my passion and knew that I would fulfill my dream some day. What a wonderful impression she made for the good in my life. From that point on I had it set in my mind that I could do anything; from difficult math problems to becoming a successful hairstylist.

You may be struggling with something in your life or fearful in some way, but know that God has a plan and with God you can overcome any adversity. Fear can hinder and crippled an individual to a point where they feel lost or confused, but never stop believing in you and in God. Never limit yourself, for there is always the possibility that you will succeed beyond measure.

Although there were many other women that sowed seeds of love and kindness into my life throughout the years, Mrs. Williams was one who inspired me to be the best hairstylist I could be. I pray that we have more teachers in today’s world like her; knowing that someone cares makes a huge difference.

Years after I became a successful cosmetologist, I saw Mrs. Williams at the salon I’m currently working at. The look on her face was priceless; I wanted to cry. We hugged and I thanked her. Her words to me “See, I told you.” She went on to say how happy she was for me and to keep up the good work. Seeds of love and kindness can have a great effect on a person’s life, much more than they could probably imagine.

Thank God for Mrs. Williams and the seeds she planted in my life.