He Will Be Loved

We have a crush in our house. Well, we have several, but this is one we all ALWAYS agree on.

I feel like I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but you never know. So just in case you are not up on your celebrities, that’s Maroon 5’s Adam Levine. He’s pretty.

Of course we watched The Voice this season. I’d be lying if I said Adam wasn’t what interested us in the show in the first place. But we did end uploving the show. We were happy with the outcome. Well, two out of the three of us were. The little one pouted a bit. I think she was just pulling for the girl to win. Nothing wrong with that. If there’s one thing we know in this house, girls gotta stick together.

We are not bandwagoner Adam Levine fans. Oh no. I’ve loved Maroon 5 since I first heard them. And I have to admit, once I saw them. Well, let’s just say it didn’t make me like them any less.

When Miss M was in second grade (5 years ago) she decided that Maroon 5 was her band. Unbeknownst to me, she started a Maroon 5 fan club at school. I think it had three members. Also, I’m pretty sure that M was the only one who even knew who Maroon 5 was.

The love continued into third grade, although I’m honestly not sure if the club stayed together. And when I heard that they would be performing on our local morning radio show, I knew I had to take M.

The night before, I told her we would be getting up very early and going to school late. I didn’t tell her what we were doing, just that I had a surprise for her. I set the alarm for 5:30, got up, threw on some clothes, got M out of bed, got her dressed, and after a nutritious breakfast of Micky D’s,we were off!

I wold like to say we made it all the way to the radio station without her figuring out what we were doing, but I had the radio station on (I am blonde after all, I have my moments), and she guessed it. Not that it diminished the excitement at all. My child, who has never been a morning person, was bouncing in her seat. She practically ran from the parking garage to the studio.