Hey Bully! Need a Hug?

I would say since third grade (maybe second) I’ve been talking to Miss M about bullies. But this year, when M started Jr. High (sixth grade) the bully situations have escalated, as they will tend to do when girls reach this age.

M has lots of friends, there’s really no problem with that. But she is artsy, loves to write, loves music, is crazy smart and creative. What she is NOT into are sports, cheerleading, clothes, or fitting in. Which makes it hard for a sixth grader.

We’ve had several long conversations this year about mean girls and how you should respond when being called weird, ugly, etc. There is a fine line between standing up for yourself and being a bully too. And to be honest, M doesn’t always get it. Some of her reactions to people have (to me) seemed like bullying. It’s hard. These years suck.

Last night though, when M was showing me her English poetry project, I realized that I may have finally gotten though. That she gets it.