Holiday, Shopping And Start-Up…

Hi guys,

It’s now nearly 1 am and I have uni plus work the day after ( or should I say today?=D) but here I am writing a new blob post. Well, this post will be short because:

a, I need sleep zzz

b, I just want to tell you a quick story with an end that you can’t even guess (or can you?=D)

OK, let my story begin!

As you all know I went to Vietnam for holiday 2 months ago ( For those who are new on the blog, YEP! I went holiday in Vietnam, BEST. TIME. EVER). So what you do when you go holiday?…

SHOP and EAT of course!

And that’s exactly what I did. ( You can check out the yummy dishes and drool over here=D)

And I shopped up a storm too. Everything is so cheap.

Well, now is the part where you tell me:” You get what you pay for, cheap stuff means low quality… etc etc“. And now this is me flashing my smile like so =D and tell you:” Not when you know where to shop, dear”

While the truth is that EVERYTHING IS MADE IN CHINA, there is another truth that not everyone knows: THERE ARE SEVERAL STAGES OF QUALITY STANDARD.

What this really means is you gotta know the right people aka connection to get the GOOD STUFF FOR CHEAPER.

And that’s exactly what I did=D

Anyhow, I had a blast shopping for glasses (both prescription and sunnies) because

a/ the quality is as good as any glasses bought within Australia

b/ the choice is endless and very up- to -date

c/ the price is great. And by great I mean, you can still afford 7 pairs, each for a day of the week and won’t go broke. I’m just so sick of having 1 pair of glasses for the rest of my life. Do you?

That’s enough to make me happy.

Hey, if those 3 things make McPickyPants like me happy, they should make a lot of other youngsters who are in need of cool, hip, cheap prescription glasses to a/ match their mood and b/ match their style happy too.

I told my boyfriend aka the awesome- partner- who- is- involved- in- every- projects- that- I- do my discovery and he loved it.


So we talked with my boyfriend’s sister and she loved the idea too. She has an excellent eyes for fashion. and by that I mean, you would look at a whole pile of things, get frizzy and don’t know what to pick, she would just look, pick something up and you instantly fall in love with that item from that big pile of stuff you just get frizzied from.

That’s how good she is.

So, the plan is, my boyfriend and I will be responsible for the look of the website and the sale. He’s being the brain and I’m being the hands& legs. My boyfriend’s sister whose base in Vietnam will be our hunting eyes- for the best value and chicest frames.

The plan is working great so far. We are really excited it’s really exciting to deliver such great products that benefit people,as well as getting our hands dirty (in my case from typing) to experience in a real start-up.

MORALE OF THE STORY: Go holiday, keep on shopping, live happily and great ideas will come to you. Your job is to have the gut to execute them. End of story. =D

Right now, my head is full of juicy hot ideas on how to expand the business. What do you think of designing your own pair of glass frame or owning a 2 in 1 convertible pair of frame?