I’m Not Dead, I’m Just Busy (Lazy)

I should be ashamed of myself, my last post was May 4. But, I’ll tell you a little something about me: I don’t do busy well. May this year did look considerably better than last May, but still, I really think that it’s my least favorite month of the year. Hemorrhaging money, chaperoning, attending concerts, awards ceremonies, and on, and on.

So when my life gets overwhelmingly busy, I consider all of my options, and then always pick the best one: which is always, always shut down mode. I do what absolutely HAS to be done, and nothing else. I HAVE to do homework, I HAVE to work, I HAVE to take my kids to the places they need to be and attend all of their functions. I DON’T have to blog, and even though I love it, it’s nice to take a break every once in a while.

But now, school is out, my science (yuck) class is wrapping up, and things are slowing down a bit. I have a new job (yay me!), but I’m not going to talk about it much here, because I’m creating some separation between here and work. But just know, it’s an exciting opportunity for me and I’m totally pumped about it.

Miss M will be starting a summer long program with yoga, community service, and classes on things like body image and healthy living. We are super excited about that and I think it is going to be a good thing for her. Even though I tried to push several camps, VBS, and the like on Miss V, she wants none of it. Says she wants to “rest”. I’ll remind her of this in two weeks when she tells me she’s bored.

That’s the 411 on what’s going on around here, I plan to get back in the groove and post most days this summer!

Hope things are super good in your world too.