International Package

It’s amazing who you might get to know through blogging. People you would never know anything about are suddenly your friends who you like with lives you begin to care for. It would be impossible to meet everyone you connect to through blogging. But just think a minute…how cool that would be? Or how scary it might be? I have actually met a few people since starting the blogging thing that in normal life circumstances I would never have met. I took a trip to DC last September and met some amazing blogging people. I wish on everything that it was that one Sunday when I had the crab cakes. Food and company, maybe one of the best days of my life. In fact, I’m sensing a post about that day.

This spring and summer I will be meeting a few more and hopefully, Studio30 Plus can put together a meet-up soon so that many bloggers can put faces with the names they have been following.

One dear friend who I probably won’t be able to see anytime soon (screw UPS, I hate logistics) is Jen O. She’s from Canada this one, and that my friends means she is made from maple syrup. The reason I am writing this post is that Jen did something awesome. She did something that is completely legit and meaningful in spite of the enormous distance between us: She sent me a bag of Canadian candy.


Yeah. Canadian. Candy.

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