It’s Holiday Letter Time!

Last year at Christmas, I wrote this post about how I hate those holiday letters that people put with their Christmas cards. I’m gonna modify a bit and say that I don’t hate, hate them, I just wish they were more REAL. C’mon people, give us the bad stuff too. That’s life.

I like to put my sarcastic, (but real), version of the letter I would write if I actually sent out cards up here on mah blawg. Sadly, my letters don’t change much. But THIS year, there’s a little more happiness than in the past. So *cheers* to that.

Here we go: (also, you should consider this your card. you’re welcome.)

Dear Friends,

What can I say about this past year? If I were to give this past year a theme it would be this. Hormones. Lots and lots of mother freaking hormones. That caused lots of crying. And yelling. And binge eating. And wine drinking. And new to the hormone party? Hot flashes. (those last two are mine. obviously.)

My children are still insane. Related: I’m still looking for that extra cash to buy stock in a vineyard. I’m sure the 8k I’m owed in back child support would put a nice dent in that. Yep, nothing has changed THERE.

But we’re healthy. And happy. My girls are wicked smart and talented. And they make me proud every single day. Well, except those days with, you know, ALL THE HORMONES.