Just A Swingin’

It’s been suggested that blogging is like high school. I’m not here to dispute that fact. But the thing is…it’s the internet. We aren’t 15 year olds with bad perms, acne, and nonexistent boobs. In my case I’m sort of not like that. I’m not 15 anyway. We aren’t stuck in some one stoplight town where the social options are Bleacher Creature or Mean Girl. This is THE INTERNET.

Nobody can see you. Nobody knows how much money your Daddy makes or if your brother tortures small woodland creatures for fun. Unless you tell them. You can be whoever you want to be. If you want to be popular, figure out a way to do it. Reinvent yourself. You don’t have to be defined by your past – unless you allow yourself to be. Furthermore, you don’t want to be stuck in the same blogging clique forever. And don’t EVEN try to pretend there aren’t cliques in blogging. We may call them communities because it sounds nicer but they’re really cliques.

I can call myself Rubenesque, curvy, or pretty plus but we all know that means I’m fat. There are 72 gagillion blogs out there. Go find some that appeal to you and leave a comment. If you’re getting burned out on blogging this is a great way to get back that loving feeling. Chances are pretty good that your little bloggy circle jerk crew has been writing similar schtick for the last few months. Or the last few years in some cases. Who has two thumbs and bitches about her husband every week?

For the slow people – that would be me. Even if you stumble upon new blogs with the same old belligerent children and lazy husbands they’ll be writing about them in a way that is fresh and different. Now I’m not telling you to stop reading me and commenting here. You might anyway after reading this. Oops. Nor am I saying that I’m abandoning my loyal blog lovahs. I just might be getting a little something on the side.

Moral of this post: I’m not sure. This is a totally different post than the one I thought up in the shower yesterday morning. We’ll go with ‘It’s ok to stray.’ Or maybe ‘Swinging is good for the bloggy soul.’