I woke up this morning wanting to write.  I have SO MUCH I want to write about.  Some heavy.  Some funny.  Some silly and frivolous.  But I’ve spent so much time not writing, that I feel like I need to do a little catching up.  You know, ketchup?

So, here’s the haps.

  • School started.  M is in eighth grade this year.  EIGHTH FREAKING GRADE.  Next year?  High school.  Holy cow, I’m not ready for high school.  But, she likes school, doesn’t fight going, is loving drama and choir, and only hates math, so this year rocks so far for her.  V is in fifth grade this year and it’s a totally different story.  Not to give too much validation to her constant whining about school, but fifth grade kind of sucks.  Yes, they are the oldest in the school, but they are trying to ready them for Middle School and the homework is out of control.  Way more than M has.  Or it may not be more, but M has extra time at school to do it.  She doesn’t have any good friends in her class this year either.  So you can imagine the whining.  It never ends.
  • I am still loving my new job and loving the new schedule this year.  I honestly like being home after school with my kids.  Even though there is whining about homework, at least this isn’t happening when I walk in the door at 6:30 and all I can think about is GET ME A GLASS OF WINE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.  So, we get the homework (and whining) out of the way early so that our evenings are spent how they should be; on the couch, watching reality t.v. singing competitions.
  • No one is playing sports this year, so our weekends are free, which is weird.  Not that we’ve really been doing anything with them, but it seems like we are busy.  Not quite sure where our time is going.
  • The girls have been spending some weekends with their dad (more on this later).  They aren’t exactly jumping up and down to go, but it’s been good for all of us.  Me, him, AND them.
  • My friend She is in the process of geting her house ready to sell so that she can MOVE CLOSER TO ME!!  Not because of me, per say, there are many reasons they want to move, but I’m so excited that I will have a friend and won’t have to sit by myself at school functions anymore.  After four years here, I may no longer be a leper.  And if I am, at least I’ll have a co-leper.

Those are the basics.  School, work, the usual.

Glad I got that out of the way, now I can get down to the good stuff.