Monday Minute

1 – Where aside from a toilet have you taken a dump? Explain.

Ummm…maybe the bed whilst birthing my child but that’s on the list of Things We Don’t Talk About so I don’t know for sure. And 11 years later I don’t really want to know.

2 – Would you wrestle a member of the same sex, nude, in pudding for 10 minutes for one million dollars?

Ten minutes is a long time but one million dollars is a LOT of money. In a word, YES. But no video or photos allowed.

3 – Squash just doesn’t sound very tasty. What say you?

I only like it fried. Yes, I am a chubby southerner, why do you ask?

and finally…

4 – Is it worth the effort?

Depends on what “it” is…


Having a baby – worth the effort.

Making your own sushi – not worth the effort.

Not beating your children in public (no matter how badly they’re behaving) – worth the effort.

Scrubbing the grout with a toothbrush – not worth the effort.