This is my story. It happened a couple years ago, but gets told in the present tense. I can only imagine how this would go with Alex in the mix.
Why would I ever sit at my computer in a bikini top, shorts and the highest pair of boots in Scout’s closet I could find you ask?

There is a MOUSE in my House.

I was innocently sitting here working on stuff for a friend when this little tuft of gray that was NOT my ferocious cat caught my eye. I looked. MOUSE! MOUUUUUUUSE! And Scout who now works from home is of course out today.

Naturally I go get said ferocious hates everyone cat and put her NEXT to the MOUUUUUSE. I proceed to sit inmy chair with my feet under me whimpering like a little girl with a skinned knee.

Ferocious cat SITS on the bloody mouse.

I flee the room for boots. I close cat in room with mouse. 10 minutes later I come back in boots, find mouse for cat again, she scampers for about .0314 of a second with the mouse and then loses it. Then I lose the mouse.


I do have to give the cat a prop (not props, just one) she did corner the mouse a while later, I tried to trap mouse under a wastebasket but failed – because inexplicably, while I detest the rodent I didn’t want to crush the rodent under the edge of the trash can – thus I was ineffective at trapping the mouse and it
found a hole between the cabinet and dishwasher and escaped into the netherworld of my kitchen. I stuffed the hole w/ tin foil and waited for Scout.

After he got home, Scout caught the mouse in a box, I think the cat chased it out for him, not sure, I was in the shower, trying not to envision mice crawling out of the drainpipe. He’d put it in a box with a baited trap hoping that would be humane, but was concerned that he might not have set the trap correctly, that
the mouse would chew through the box – so he ended up taking it around the corner and setting it free outside, hopefully the mouse doesn’t come back, but we’re leaving the basement door open now so the cat can patrol. In retrospect she’d spent a lot of time in front of the door for the last week – so maybe she knew something was up.