Musings From Communications Class

This is the last week of my communications class. Much like most of the classes that I have taken, I didn’t expect it to make me think so deeply, and it has. What makes you approach another person? What is your communication style? What does your body language say about you? Personally, I think my body language betrays me a lot, as I tend to cross my arms just because it’s comfortable, and it makes me look closed off. Maybe that’s why my ex used to tell me that people who first meet me think I’m a bitch. Oh, wait, that’s just because HE is an asshole.

Of course, I’ve applied everything we’ve talked about to social media. For me, social media is a perfect communication tool, because a) my body language never betrays me. and b) I don’t have to wear a bra. Plus, I can edit myself. Not that I say every old thing that pops into my head, I never do that, but I DO tend to ramble in real life conversations. Mediated communication helps with the rambling. So much.

All this communication talk has made me think even more about a subject I’ve thought about many times. When you follow/are “friends” with someone on a social media site, what makes you interact with someone? Do you interact with everyone who talks to you? Do you follow some people, yet never interact with them? Are you purposely ignoring certain people?

Of course I have people that I am friends with or follow that I never interact with. I think everyone does. And I’ll admit it, I’m not the kind of person that wishes every single Facebook friend a happy birthday. Honestly, sometimes I just forget. And if you are a person that I know never logs on to Facebook anyway? Probably not gonna happen. But when it comes to The Twitter and Facebook, if you talk to me (and you’re not a creeper), I’ll talk back to you.

Why is it that some people do not extend the same courtesy to others?

I’m not talking about celebrities or mega big time bloggers. There’s no way that they can respond to everyone. But if you purposely chose to follow or be friends with someone and they speak to you, why not speak back? Are you too busy? I see you talking to other people.

Do you not like me? It’s okay, really. I get that I’m not everyone’s cup of vodka. But why not unfollow/unfriend me? It may hurt my feelings for a nano second, but I’ll get over it. And seriously, if I try to extend some understanding to you and you don’t answer? Your loss. I may have been there and know exactly what you are going through.

I have to say, FB has done something right with the whole, “liking a comment” thing. You can acknowledge the person, when you really might not have something to say back. Just like an “oh yeah, I hear you.” Not every comment NEEDS an answer. But every person, I don’t care who you are, likes acknowledgement.

That’s all anyone wants really. A little courtesy goes a long way.