New Life Step 2: Goal-Setting

This is the second step in our series on creating your life. Last time we visualized the life we want. But next, how do you get there? How do you make that life happen? It may seem trivial but the next step is setting goals. Thing about what you visualized. Fill in the following blanks:

  • In my ideal life I live in ______________. (Answers may include a house, an urban setting, on a farm, all dependent on what you visualized.)
  • In my ideal life I work _______________. (Answers may include the type of job you were doing, the hours you were putting in, or even the location, such as I work in an office, I work from home, I work no more than 25 hours a week.)
  • In my ideal life I have specific people around me. They are _________________. (A family, children, friends, my dog, whatever you see.)
  • In my ideal life I choose to spend my time _________________. (If you had unlimited time and resources, what are you doing in your perfect life?)

If you answered these questions, you just set goals. Goal-setting is not complicated, it’s just the process of seeing what you want, and committing to make it a reality.

When I thought about these questions in the here and now, my answers surprised me.

  • In my ideal life I live in a non-toxic green home, such as earthbag or strawbale. I love the idea of living in a home made with my own hands, out of things that have only come from natural and recycled sources around me.
  • In my ideal life I work in real estate, helping people make their own life happen. After buying my own house I was bitten by the real estate bug. It’s not surprising since half my family is in the industry, but I love the idea of working with first-time homebuyers and people relocating, helping them find a place to call home and to grow from.
  • In my ideal life I have specific people around me. They are my husband, and maybe children. While I may not require having my own children, family is very important to me.
  • In my ideal life I choose to spend my time pursuing spirituality and seeing the world. Religion and spirituality are personal choices, but if given unlimited time and resources I would like to do more in my life in that arena. I’ve also always wanted to travel to hidden corners in the world.

I was most surprised at how easy the answers came to me. They just spilled out once I asked the questions. Unfortunately putting it out to the universe is only the first part of the process. I can set all the goals I want, but if I don’t follow through on them, they will always be ideas. Next week we’ll talk about addressing obstacles to your new life.


Hello all, I apologize if I’ve been off the radar for a bit. I decided that if I was going to talk about making your life happen, I needed to take some of my own advice. For a long time I’ve wanted to extend myself to find a career instead of working a job. When we bought our house last year, I received offers from both our mortgage broker and realtor to come and work with them if I wanted. I hesitated, hemmed and hawed, but it just stayed in the back of my mind.

I’m not unacquainted with the industry, since both my parents and my grandparents have been agents at one time, but I didn’t like what was going on in the bubble and stayed away. Now it’s different. So today, I passed my real estate exam. Like many times when you’re making the life you want it’s just one step towards the end goal. I still have to pass my background check and get situated with an agency. Thank you for giving me a voice here that forced me to be accountable in my own life.