On The Road to Self-Employment-Firing Your Boss

If you find yourself making up excuses for why “you need” your current job, or holding off on firing your boss, then you’re afraid of not being able to find anything else, finding something worse, or maybe when you do decide to embark on what makes you happy there is the possibility of failure so you’re taking the safer route.

But the truth of the matter is, can you really live with the fact that you might be passing up something that could lead you to happiness if you decide to stick to your job… due to fear?

#2/ You feel bored with your life

I’m sure repeating the same routine day in, day out, for years on end would take the mickey out of anyone. The predictability of it all leaves you feeling tired, unhappy, unfulfilled, and you’re probably asking yourself, “What is the point of all of this?” Take that as a cue to start rethinking about what you want out of life. Sometimes a simple process of getting a certificate will help you to move forward.

Sometimes, firing your boss and leaving your day job can be frightening because there are so many worries that go with it (damn bills…), but have you ever thought about the positives that come with that?

Like finally catching up with your family, getting back in touch with your inner self, rethinking what you want out of life, and being in a position to start fresh and make things 10x better than they were before.

As counterproductive as it may sound, sometimes moving forward in life requires that you take a step back. And that is when unexpected things may happen that may change your life forever.

#3/ You hate taking orders from someone else

This is a no brainer for firing your boss. If you’re like me and you hate the idea of living your life according to someone else’s schedule, being their bit** or it’s just in your nature to rebel against authority, then firing your boss should be an active you are looking forward to planning with a strong sense of glee xD

#4/ Firing your boss because he’s an ass

I’ve had my fair share of racism, unfair treatment and bullying by my boss in the workplace. I chose to put up with it because I needed money to pay the bills, but you know what happened when I chose to settle for my job because, “I needed it”?

They fired me. And I was one of their best employees too! You should never allow others to disrespect or treat you badly. So never compromise your sense of worth for something you don’t need.

#5/ You want more freedom in your life

I value my time a lot. I value who I spend it with, and what I’m doing with it. The idea of wasting an entire day making someone else rich, and being less than happy stuck in a cubicle or behind a counter/desk is not acceptable in any shape or form. For me anyway.

To tell you the truth, the only way I can think of to make money (a lot of it actually) and to be in total control of your life whether it be financially, time wise and doing the things that you want is firing your boss and work for the one person you can rely on most.