People Should Read You. Just Because.

I just read a post from one of my favorite bloggers. It was one of those posts that after reading it, you close your laptop and just sit. You’re not bored or confused but your mind is racing. You sit there and can still read the words in your head. You leave with a different perspective than you had going in. Best part is that this post didn’t want exposure. It was on the site…just because.

Sometimes, posts can be therapy. Simple as that. Just for the writer. Not for the tons of comments and praise which it would’ve have been awarded, but for the opportunity to simply breathe. To take some time and let some stuff out. Sure it’s great to entertain but it can be just as rewarding to be honest with yourself. I’m not going to advertise this post or the author because that would defeat its original purpose and validity. And I think that is awesome. My current post probably doesn’t make any sense to anyone and I’m okay with that. The reason I’m okay with it is because from now on, every time I cross this post in the future, I will know exactly what it means and be thankful for that author with the reminder that it’s okay to write for yourself.

To simply breathe.


I picked this one for Most Helpful because it helped me instantly. To this day I’ve still never told anyone who this was about yet I know THAT person knows it’s about them. I love reading what they write and still remember how that post changed how I viewed this whole blogging thing. It’s okay to be a blogging personality. It’s okay to write fiction. Stories that are about you, stories that aren’t. It’s okay to put whatever you want on your blog. It’s also okay to be yourself and write what you feel.

Do what you want. Write with purpose.

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