Poster Problems

I have a problem with posters.

This is a sure sign that I am getting old. And very controlling. Because I hate them. Like, a lot. I never understood when I was growing up why The Mama didn’t want me hanging posters in my room. It’s because they look terrible. And all those teeny bopper faces are staring at you when you have to go in kid’s rooms to do something or another.

And in my kid’s rooms? They. Are. Everywhere. M has hers slightly under control. They are mostly on one wall, and just a few on another. And she’s put them up relatively straight with the appropriate amount of tacks. In V’s room, this is not the case. They are (were) on every wall, not straight, hanging by one tack so that all the corners were flapping. Taunting me.

I’ll admit, I was stressing over these posters more than I should have been. But for a girl who was only allowed one poster when she was growing up, it was really starting to get to me.

Now, I know you are dying to know what my one poster was. And when I show it to you, it will confirm the fact that I am indeed old.

Oh, Shaun Cassidy. How I loved you. Da doo ron ron.

The rest of my room had decor picked by The Mama herself.

I’ll admit that I steer my kids in one direction or another when it comes to decorating their rooms. But ultimately it’s their decision. I had gotten to the point where I just couldn’t take this poster situation anymore. Because, you know, I don’t have anything more important to worry about.

When V decided she wanted to change her room around, I knew it was time to take charge of the poster situation. And if you think I’m kidding, here’s what the posters looked like before.

See how they are all askew with no rhyme or reason? Totally stressable right?

So, armed with plenty of tacks, we set about straightening. And relegating the posters to one wall.

Here’s what we have now.

Four tacks, totally straight. Better, right?

Now that the poster problem is situated, I need somewhere else to misplace my stress. V’s closet is probably a good place to start.