Push It To The Limit

I’ve been going at this site the entire day. Updating to the new wordpress, changing the layout and installing plug-ins left and right. I love the New WordPress, but I blame it for using up all my time today. Or should I just blame myself for sitting here.

Mr. WordPress sure didn’t glue me to my seat, I did. *tsk tsk tsk* I hate myself for not even starting on that term paper that’s due Thursday, led a long that book review. You know what, I won’t even talk about it, I’ve mentioned enough to you guys about my school work that’s not getting done. Let’s move on to something a bit more… different?

So, this layout. The coloring for the header is off in Internet Explorer but… It’s Definitely different. A different style, and it’s.. “less.” What I mean by that is usually I’ve got a bagillion things on my header and sidebar, but I’m trying to minimize things a bit. This style is so out of my norm that I decided I’d try it.

When I made it I got inspired by the Renaissance, surprisingly. I don’t know what made me think of the Renaissance, but when I seen that I had a medieval-type font, I went at it. Very few brushes were used since Photoshop decided to just go ahead and delete all of my brushes! I was upset, but I guess I can go on a hunt for new ones anyway.

What sucks is that I have a lot of tutorials I want to write, as well as some stuff I made over the course of this month. But, I don’t have time to add it because I’m about to push it to the limit and work full throttle on that term paper and book review (there I go talking about school again, arg!). Anyway, I made note of what I need/want to do and they’ll be here sure enough, this weekend for sure because our Christmas break starts which means nothing but free time. Yeah, I have no life so the site will be tended to.

I’m about to go ahead and do some research for that paper and find something to snack on. I’m going to be up in the wee hours doing as much as I can. So, to keep me entertained leave me some comments on what you think of the ~changes~. I’ll be checking back periodically. Also,click here and keep voting for me in the modeling competition that I’ve joined.