Random updates from the Wasteland

Last Thursday night I went to a community dinner theater with my friend, grimmgirl, and her lit club. The food wasn’t great but we had a good time anyway.

I work with about 15 therapists. Three of us showed up to do the prep. Enough said. The party went well. Grimmgirl and her son helped run the go fish game. (Thanks!)

My oldest was obnoxious and inappropriate much of the night. I came very close to killing him but opted for an old fashioned grounding instead. I probably won’t be around the blogosphere much this week or next. We’re going to NC to visit our BFF’s and aren’t returning till Tuesday night.

Of course we have entertainment for the kiddies and adults planned for the weekend. (Stopping at a coal mine exhibit on the way down, fall festival, hockey game, Billy Elliot, zoo, etc.) I’m looking forward to sitting on my friend’s porch and gabbing till we pass out from exhaustion. I may be heading to FL shortly after we return. My dad has a neurosurgery consult today and may be having surgery soon.

Dad has several health issues. I’m not sure how he’ll fare with this operation or if the doctor will think he’s a candidate for surgery. Positive thoughts and prayers are appreciated. He is in a lot of pain right now and my mom is exhausted from caring for him.