Red Lobster Is Lying To You

It was embarrassing to admit to her that I had never had a crab cake before.  The fact that I am from the middle of the country, you can understand how that could be possible.  She assured me that I would like it, that the crab was more than likely caught just a few hours ago.  Fresh.  The middle of the country feasts on frozen or…gasp…imitation crab.  She assured me that seafood in DC/Georgetown was amazing.  Knowing myself, I was skeptical.  How much better can fresh seafood be compared to my trusty Red Lobster establishment in the middle of the country?  After lunch, I realized that what I had been eating my whole landlocked life was not in fact seafood.

After lunch we decided to take a walk into town.  I still had a few hours before I needed to be at the airport and I wanted to make it to the famous Georgetown Cupcakes. Georgetown is a great small town.  Especially just to walk around in.  Tons of shops you would see in your typical romantic comedy.  I fully expected to see Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan outside one of the coffee shops in a stare down.

It was my last day in DC.  My last day of this spontaneous four day trip. We made it to the cupcake store.  The line was out and around the building. I don’t care for lines. My company made it okay to stand outside for over an hour and wait for red velvet goodness.

She took me to the airport.  I felt I was leaving a new and barely explored world behind.  It turned out to be one of the hardest goodbyes to someone and something in a long time.  I simply did not want to leave.  After we hugged and she walked away, I wanted to follow her back to the car.  I wanted to go back to this city and group of people that I became completely enamored with in such a short and wonderful amount of time.

We don’t talk anymore.  A lot of the blame for that is on me.

This is a perfect example of a post that you don’t know how to end.  I miss everything about that September.  I understand the ups and downs of life and how things aren’t always how they seem or how things happen that just aren’t fair.  But I will never forget that trip and who I got to experience the trip with.

I even tried a mussel.  Once.

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