Small Town Tuesday (Thursday) – What I Love

I kind of got all heated and such about testing, and totally forgot about Small Town Tuesday, so I present to you:  Small Town Thursday.

Last week, I bitched about a few things that I don’t like about my small town (and others), but when you get down to it, I love small town life.  And here are a few reasons why.

  • Everyone holds the door for you.  Men, women, children.  I didn’t realize this was such a big deal until a few weeks ago, when I was out of town, and some dude let a door slam in my face.  That never happens here.  Also, that dude was a dick.
  • I love that my kids are going to school with the same kids they will graduate with.  This is how I grew up, and I didn’t really realize how awesome it was until a few years ago.  Also, it’s pretty easy to spot who will turn out to be the whores and the hoodlums already.
  • Not too many distractions. I complain about the lack of shopping, but I used to live directly across the street from a Target.  I have a lot more money in my pocket as a result of not living near the Target.
  • Everyone from the carhop at Sonic to the dentist will call you “sweetheart” or “darlin”.  By the way, I LOVE being called “darlin”. Love. It.  Swoon.
  • No traffic.  When we first moved here, I was constantly early everywhere, because I forgot it doesn’t take more than five minutes to get anywhere.
  • It’s pretty.

Sometimes I miss the city.  Mainly the ability to buy alcohol right by my house, but I don’t miss it as much as I thought I would. The city, not the alcohol buying, I really, really, miss that.