SOC Sunday – Boyfriends

It’s my favorite thing about Sunday, linking up with Fadra for SOC.

I tweeted and Facebooked over the weekend about how both girls now have boyfriends. They are 10 and 12 (almost 13). Guess it’s time to start a whole new ball of worry. Because, you know, I need one more thing to worry about.

Friday night, Miss M had a dance to go to. There were major, MAJOR tears before the dance. I’m talking full on meltdown. About clothes. About shoes. About make up. And the biggest meltdown? She didn’t have a date. A DATE. In seventh grade. Apparently she was the only one without a date. Which I don’t believe, but whatever.

We finally managed to get it together, and even though she told me she thought her hair looked like she had recently been to a bar in the eighties, I managed to successfully get her to the dance.

This is normal before dances. She normally has these meltdowns. She’s ALWAYS over it before she gets home. Friday night was no exception. Except when she got in the car something was different. She was downright giddy. The difference this time? She went into the dance boyfriend-less and came out having acquired herself one.

Now to the worry part. I’m not worried about what they would do or anything like that. She doesn’t go anywhere for them to be alone at all. I diligently check her Facebook and chat logs. In fact, I did this morning. It was totally harmless. The only conversation I saw between them was if she was going to the parade. Which we didn’t because I had to work last night and I took her with me. He was bummed she wasn’t going. It was cute. Harmless.

But here’s what I’m worried about. I do NOT want her self worth to be tied up in if a boy likes her or not. *I* can only tell her she’s beautiful,smart, talented, etc. so many times before she doesn’t even hear me anymore.

So for now, I’m not going to worry about it too much. I’ll just let her enjoy her happiness for a bit. And hope and pray that SHE will be the one to end the relationship. Because I am NOT ready to deal with broken hearts yet.

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