Stealing Ideas

One of the best things about blogging is the fact that you get to steal ideas from other bloggers. Crap. Borrow, you get to borrow ideas from other bloggers. This is a community pool right? What makes this okay (in my eyes) is that borrowing ideas when you can’t seem to get into a writing groove helps out tremendously. Which is where I am at. Dealing with Sprocket Ink and Studio30 Plus is one thing, writing random is again turning out to be a different hurdle. I believe I have something that might help.

A good friend of mine who I’ve never met (it’s kinda like that with this whole putting posts on the internet gig) JenO, did a recap of seven posts she has written. Her favorites, if you will. She actually sto…borrowed this from another blogger who probably borrowed from another who probably stole it. I think a version of dirty santa comes into play here. If it’s stolen, it can be stolen 2 times before it’s considered borrowed. I think that IS the correct made up rule.

JenO had four years of posts to go through. 715 of them. Yikes. Not to gush over her writing but if you haven’t read her, you are missing out on some brilliant stuff. She is the real Liz Lemon and not an email or gChat conversation goes by that I’m not laughing at some point. And laughing, remembering from my vlog with Aly, doesn’t happen that often. Says Aly.

I totally laugh.

I only have 6 posts on this blog. Not even enough for the entire series. Good thing I still have the archives from my old place of writing. Over 2 years and a couple hundred posts worth. I’m going to use them since I still feel I’m transitioning…or nesting but I think that is just for pregnant chicks. Right? I have GOT to go outside.

I plan on presenting one post a day. I will present the post for those that may have not read it and will share my thoughts on it. Share with you why it fits the title as one of the seven. I will start on Monday. I plan to space mine out. Try and build some walls in this here blog. JenO had her seven in one post. She’s an overachiever.


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