Stream Of Consciousness Sunday – Purging

I have known for a while that we really need to get rid of some things.  Clothes, toys, papers, you name it, we have an abundance of it.

Yesterday, I was putting away my new bras I got (ON SALE) last week and I really did not have any space in my dresser for them.  Ridiculous.  And I started looking in there.  And I saw old panties.  And old bras.  And tags.  And swimsuits that didn’t fit.  And on, and on.

So I started pulling things out of my drawers.  And I pulled.  And folded.  And threw things away.  Yes, I threw away.  I don’t really think Goodwill wants my torn thongs, thankyouverymuch.  And I filled a trash bag.  From my four drawer dresser.  They are big drawers, but still.

Then I started doing laundry.  And I went to M’s closet.  And realized half of what was hanging in there didn’t fit her.  And we filled a bin of stuff to give to a friend.  Because even though we have two girls in our house, they have VERY different tastes.  And body types.  We filled a bag for Goodwill.  And yes, we filled ANOTHER trash bag.

The fact that I was doing all of this to avoid writing my paper is irrelevant. Sorta.  I did get the paper done.  And we have so much more purging to do.  But wow, do I feel better knowing that I got started.

And knowing that my new pretty bras have a home.

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