Summertime, And The Living Is Easy

One month and a half til school starts.

My kids are gonna be in some serious shock.

Here’s a typical day in our house.

7(ish) I wake up.

7:30 – 11:00 (ish) I drink coffee, write, go to the gym, the store, clean, etc.

11:00 – 12:00 I try to wake up both girls and let them know what I need them to do for the day.

12:30 – 6:00 I work. I can only imagine what’s going on in my house.

Usually around 5:30 I’ll get a text asking what time I’m gonna be home. This signals to me that NONE of the things on my list have been accomplished. And they are going to cram them into the last 30 minutes.

Occasionally I’ll get a text from Miss V that Miss M is napping. Napping. After sleeping til noon. Geez.

I like to go to bed early. Always have. I AM capable of staying up late, but I have to have an activity or be engaged in constant conversation. I am however, NOT capable of sleeping late. Ever.

Last night I heard feet in the hallway at around 3 a.m. No wonder they’re sleeping til noon and then napping.

I hope they enjoy this next month. I have a feeling the sleeping all day is coming to an end though. This next week we will be on vacation and I’m not going to allow all this sleeping. We got vacationing to do.

After we get home, only three weeks til school stars. For the first time ever I can really say, I am NOT READY! I’m am in love with this lack of schedule.

But I have a feeling that even though these first two months have flown, those last few weeks are gonna drag. They’ll be filled with dentist and doctor appointments and back to school shopping.

I am also in denial about the fact that I’m going to have an fourth grader and a SEVENTH grader. A freaking SEVENTH grader. How in the holy hell did that happen? Yesterday I was in seventh grade with my high necked ruffled shirt and my feathered hair. Sigh.

I wanna live in the summer bubble a bit longer.