The one with the turkey leg

I couldn’t wait until after 5 o’clock that day. I remember just how slow the clock was moving at work. Mocking me. I had finally decided which flat screen to get. That particular Wednesday, I had finally made up my mind. All there was left to do was go get it. Flat screen and surround sound system. For a guy, that’s a memorable day. Especially your first one. Thoughts of getting it all home and hooked up and hitting the power button is almost too much to think about. Sure it would be in a small apartment living room, but that just made the 42 inch and sound system that much more powerful. More than what that 27 inch box and no sound system offered me. The thought of the HD screen was almost too much to handle.

“No, I don’t want the extended warranty.”
“It really is a good deal.”
“Do I get a refund if nothing ever happens to it?”
“Well no, that’s not how it works…”
“Then I will keep my money until it does…”

I remember the drive home. The work traffic had died down but of course, I had serious equipment with me. “Move out of my way sir, I just got three years, no interest in the backseat. Move it!” I remember thinking if I should keep it on the stand or pimp it on the wall. What movie to watch first. I was about five minutes from home and I was getting totally excited. I knew I was somewhat of a couch potato, but in a few moments I was going to be a couch potato in high definition.

She was sitting on the steps.

I parked and got out to find out why she was sitting there. She had never sat there before. For a second, I thought something had happened… I mean she never sat there. She got up and I asked what happened…She said nothing, that she just wanted to surprise me and take me to the fair. For the past few years, we would always go together. We would eat a lot of crap and make fun of the human wildlife that fairs often produce. That year, we weren’t going to get to go. I can’t remember if she had to work, or something with school. I don’t remember, but I was bummed. It was always fun to walk around the mobile homes with her, acting like we found our paradise. But there she was on the steps, wanting to make sure the tradition continued.

It was so much fun. We shared so much food. Corn dog. Turkey leg. Indian taco. Deep fried Snickers. I remembered feeling like my stomach was going to go ahead a just rip at the seams. I remember seeing some quality mullets, socks with sandals and a plethora of Mickey tattoos. Maybe the best fair year to date.

I walked into my apartment and had totally forgotten about the huge boxes in my living room. I remember smiling and thinking how I felt driving home. How I was so excited to be settling for an HD picture when something exponentially better was waiting for my arrival on my steps. It even made me laugh out loud a little bit.

I mean, we had a turkey leg to share.


I based the “popular” tag on hits as well as quality of comments. Still one of my fondest memories of a friend. Never was there more of a time where the feeling of no expectation and just being yourself wasn’t paramount. I’m not sure if that kind of being in the moment can happen again, but I’m thankful I had it for one evening.

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