Things I Love

One morning last week was no different than any other school day morning in our house. One child didn’t like the choice of clothes in her closet. She didn’t like what her hair was doing, yet didn’t want a ponytail. The other one, “Oh my gah I fell in gym yesterday and now I am so hurt I don’t think I can go to school. And if I do have to go to school can you please write me a note to where I can sit out in gym?” Complete with a limp.

We were rushing, there was yelling, as per the usual. But after I got home from dropping the little hellions at their respective schools, I walked around my house and remembered some of the little reason why I think these particular hellions are so cool.

Now, we all know that Miss V loves her American Girl dolls. More. Than. Anything. In fact, she hopped out of bed this morning because today may be *the day* her new doll, that she bought with her birthday money comes.