What The Friday?

I’ve decided to take a cue from some awesome ladies Mary Ruth and She and have some regular features on my blog. In my quest for organization, I’ve found it wold be pretty helpful to have a few prompts every week.

On Tuesdays, I will post my Pretty, Funny, Yummy and Wise, which are my favorite Pinterest pins of the week. And on Fridays, it’ll be What The Friday? Cause let’s face it, we have more than our share of WTF moments every week.

First up: I like country music now. Well, again. I go through phases. I’ve always been a 70’s and 80’s country music sort of gal. It’s what I was raised on. But I have not listened to mainstream country in years. And now for some reason, I do. It took 2.5 years of living in the country I guess. Or maybe it’s the heavy crossover that’s going on between pop and country. Who knows. But I set one of my presets on my radio. That’s serious business, right there.

Next, I found this.

I wonder who Bob is and what he did to piss off Miss V? Good thing she doesn’t have any money to hire that “chain saw master”. Pretty sure my kids could use some therapy.

And lastly, in the ongoing “7th Grade Schedule Saga”, we FINALLY got the schedule worked out. But, she had to drop a Pre Ap class to make that happen. I tried not to stress TOO much about this and I know it’s super important to have a happy kid. She’s back in choir. But the reason she couldn’t make it work with all Pre Ap classes is because the ones she needed to get into all had too many kids in them. And her current classes? All have like 15 kids. Methinks there’s a breakdown somewhere. Maybe the school should take a look at that or something.

So that’s it. Our What The Friday? moments for this week.

What were yours?