I got home from dinner last night. I had a couple things recording in my DVR. The Heat/Knicks game and The Oscars. The DVR is the greatest invention. Ever. Especially for things like the Oscars or The Biggest Loser. Is it just me or does everyone on that show have to comment 12 times each episode that they don’t want to fall below the yellow line because that means they have a chance of being sent home. Isn’t that the object of the game? Don’t they know that going in? Do they keep forgetting that information? And what is with the host Allison and her weird eye closing issue when she talks? Annoying.

Anyway… I was watching the first of the game and decided to go ahead and start the Oscars. I knew it wouldn’t be that bad since I had the power to fast forward through the crappy parts, dumb technical awards that no one cares about and anything Oprah related. (I read she was presenting something.) I was sitting in a chair with my feet up. I remember it was almost 9:00 pm.

It’s now 3:17am.

I’m still sitting in the chair with my legs up.

The TV is still on.

My iced tea is still in my left hand. Remote in my right.

Also, for some reason after waking up, I thought I was late to my kitchen on account of making biscuits and gravy for my guests.

I’m clearly losing it. Not my proudest moment. But, I did miss Oprah presenting or talking about anything.


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