It was late. We were just driving around…just to drive around. I had a small drive ahead of me but wasn’t sure I wanted to leave just yet.

We drove to a park because she had something to show me. We stopped and began to take a walk. It was freezing. There was a big pond ahead that helped this cold bitter wind cut through my coat like it was nothing. We keep walking and I see this small dock ahead. She explains to me that this was a special dock. It was a place she goes to when she needs to think. It’s the place where she goes to pray. Where she wishes for things. It’s a special place and it never lets her down.

We walk onto the dock and she grabs my hands. She shares that every time she wishes for something, it comes true. She wants me to wish for something. Something I want. I was starting to shake from the midnight air. She puts her arms around me and we just stood there. Maybe a few minutes pass and I was still holding on. I felt like I had to hold on.

I knew what I wanted to wish for. I kept saying it over and over in my head. After we let go and started walking again, she asked me what I wished for. Knowing the strict rules of wishing, I had to tell her that I couldn’t say. “It won’t come true”, I told her. Of course after I said that, I received the sad face and “please?”. Not going to happen. I can’t mess this one up.

A few weeks later we are talking and she’s sharing how genuinely happy she was with a bunch of different things in her life. I thought to myself, “of course”.

I had to think that because what I wished for on that cold but amazing dock at midnight was true happiness for my friend. The one that wanted to share something personal with me. Who grabbed my hands to share her heart and then grabbed around me when I was cold. Friendship that has never been easier.

The wish…was easy.

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