Your Manners Are Showing!

This morning, my friend She wrote this post, about Southern Hospitality. And then I had a twitter conversation with a friend about him apologizing to the person who sells him coffee because he was rude. And I gave him a ‘virtual’ pat on the back. Because you know what? People are rude. And most are unapologetic about it. And he should be congratulated for doing the right thing and apologizing.

Being honest, the only reason I moved where I live today (small town, East Texas) is because I was recently divorced and got laid off from my job. I panicked and ran to my mama. But I am so glad I did. Yes, I miss some things. Mainly food that delivers and Target. But what we get in return is so much more.

The schools here are excellent. They have a great balance of fun and academics. There’s no traffic. Sure, people still drive like assholes, but there’s just not a ton of them all together at once.

The thing I LOVE though? The nice. Besides that group of cliquish bitches that all grew up here and won’t speak to me, everyone is so freaking nice.

If you get to the door of somewhere the same time as a man (and sometimes a woman) they are going to hold the door for you. Walk into anywhere, everyone is going to say hi. Going to pay your water bill? Better add a little extra time, because the cashier WILL have a conversation with you. Some people would find this annoying. Me? I. Love. It.

I really think I learned the value of niceness by growing up in a small town. And even though I ran away as fast as I could when I graduated, I’m glad I brought my kids back. And I hope they learn to value niceness as well.

Because really? Rude people suck.

Nice people rule, y’all.